Nikki & Phil's Wedding - 1st November 2014

I was thrilled when Nikki & Phil booked me to capture their wedding, they are a lovely older couple and their plans sounded amazing.

This November their big day had arrived with family and friends travelling with them from all over to witness a wedding to remember. They married in a unique setting - The Oval cricket ground in Kennington. The ceremony took place in the Long Room, a historic hall-like space in the victorian pavilion, but everyone essentially had the run of the whole stadium (with the exception of the pitch itself, sadly). Having a vast empty sports stadium like that to yourself is quite eeiry really, but also really interesting!

NiPhW (289aa).jpg

Also, considering the wedding took place in early November, the day was treated with bright sunshine and a constant temperature of 20 degrees! This really helped with the photography, and ensured that no photos were ruined with dull conditions. A jazz band also played Nikki down the aisle to Soul Limbo - clearly a pair of big cricket fans!

As we were in a sports ground, I found the stands themselves were absolutely perfect to arrange a whole group photo. No-one was hidden, and I could organise people into position with ease using row and seat numbers! 

Super enjoyable this one, and I wish Nikki and Phil all the best in the future.