Restoration FAQ

Whilst undertaking or assessing photo restorations for clients, a number of questions come up repeatedly, which I hope to be able to answer below. I'm going to add to this list as and when needed, but if you have a question that is not covered below please get in touch.

How much do photo restorations cost?
Restorations start at only £15. Each image is assessed by myself before the order is finalised and subject to a quote, with a maximum charge of no more than £40 for the most severe damage. All orders include a reprint, and bulk orders will be considered for discounts.

How do I send a photo to you for photo restoration?
I pick up and deliver photo restorations to your home or place of work, and am also happy to visit to view the photos and give a free quote. If you are based a substantial distance away from Surrey, Sussex, Kent or London; I can also accept high resolution scans or postage using recorded delivery.

Will you return the original photo?
Yes. The original is scanned and digitally retouched before being reprinted, and as such is unaffected by the restoration process. It is returned to you in the same condition it arrived with me.

Can the original photo be enlarged or reduced?
In most cases yes. Photos can always be made smaller with no loss of quality, though sometimes they can only be enlarged so far before the image quality is compromised. I would be able to advise on this before the order is completed.  Enlargements larger than A4 may incur an extra printing cost.


I have some undamaged photos that I would like ‘airbrushed’, is this a service you offer?
Yes I do.  I am able to achieve a professional finish with informal snap shots, and these are also quoted and delivered in the same way as photo restorations.

When converting black & white to colour, how do you decide on the colours?
I use my best judgement to decide on which colours to use to saturate your b&w images. However, I also welcome any input that you have yourself about, for example, hair or eye colour, clothes colour, etc.

Can you remove or add a person in a group photo?
I certainly can; in fact I can also replace people, move around the order of group photos, remove obstructions partially in front of people, and many other things.

Part of my original photo has been lost. Can you add in the missing parts?
In most cases yes, though I will sometimes need you to also provide a reference photo to ensure an accurate reproduction, depending on the importance of the missing part.

Can you remove an object to show what was behind it?
In some cases yes, if the object is only partially obscuring the intended subject of the photo. However, if it is impossible to determine what was behind the obstruction then sadly it may not be possible.

My photo has been water damaged and has been severely affected. Can it be brought back?
It’s very difficult to say without seeing the image, though more often than not something can be done. I am happy to offer a free quote and opinion on each image.

My photograph has been on a windowsill for years and now has faded to almost nothing. Can it be saved?
Once again, it’s very difficult to say without seeing the image, though more often than not something can be done to at least partially restore the image. I am happy to offer a free quote and opinion on each image.

Can you change a photograph so that it has a different background?
I certainly can. Price may be dependant on how many people are in the photo but your image can certainly be made to appear almost anywhere you wish.

I wasn't photographed together with my close relative at a recent family event. Could you put us together in a photograph?
I can do that. If you have a few reference photos to choose from I can usually place you together in a really realistic way.

My photo is stuck to the glass in a frame. Can it be saved?
Normally it can. I would most likely need to scan the photo through the glass itself so the original would not be further damaged.


Please feel free to contact me if you have an enquiry about a photo restoration. For some examples of photos I have restored, please click here.