Sophia's 1st birthday party

I had the honour of photographing a wonderful little girl's first birthday party a week or two ago. Her name is Sophia, and this very special occasion was attended by a great number of people. 

A BBQ was in order, expertly run by her father Dan. I possibly ate a little too much meat, but if Dan was to cook it so well then who am I to turn it down? Besides, I have known Sophia and her sister Bethany all their lives so it would be only rude to not get into the spirit. 

In the dimensions of a suburban garden, Sophia's parents made the most of the space and there was room enough for everyone to have a good time, with the kids playing football or on the slide, and the adults tucking into beers and burgers. I was only too happy to fire off a few shots of the afternoon's festivities which I present below

It is worth noting what an absolutely fantastic job Sophia's mother, Caroline, did on her cake. To call it colourful would be to do it an in justice. It must have taken so much effort, even for a talented baker such as her.  

Delicious and pretty too!

Delicious and pretty too!

Sophia's sister Bethany is around two and a half at the moment. Feeling brave, I decided to let her take a few photos herself (with a little training, of course!). It was her first time on a DSLR, but she took a couple of charming photos of her Grandad and her new bike :). 

It was a pleasure to attend, and has been an honour to be able to see both Sophia and Bethany grow up. May there be many more events like this, for which I'll always be happy to be there with my camera!