Morgan & Andrew's Wedding - 12th July 2014

Wow! This wedding was huge! I can't be sure how many guests there were at the ceremony and reception combined but it must have been in the 200-300 range - quite possibly in the top two biggest weddings I've ever covered, and certainly the biggest I've covered alone.

Morgan and Andrew are a lovely couple who I had the pleasure of photographing getting married in Luton. I had also met with them a few months previous to photograph their pre-wedding shoot, where it was quickly obvious how in love they are. 

From the shoot in April

I was asked to shoot the whole day, so the photography began at Andrew's mother's house, where Morgan, her bridesmaids and flower girls were getting ready. It was the usual hustle and bustle around the kitchen where most of the activity was located, but Morgan remained calm and collected throughout. 

Of course, time soon ticked by and it was time to rush off to the wedding. This journey is always nerve racking for me as I hope and pray I don't hit any traffic! Thankfully I made it with plenty of time to spare and even found a parking space directly in front of the church. Greeting the guests were Scottish pipe band Drums N' Roses, who aside from being hugely entertaining, also let the guests have a go on the drums.

I met Andrew inside and was introduced to his best man and other grooms men - everyone looked great in their kilts I must say! The church quickly filled up and soon we were all waiting for Morgan to come in. During this time I had a word with the vicar about the rules concerning the photography of the ceremony (as I always do), and unfortunately was aghast to find that I wasn't allowed to shoot except for entrances, exchange of rings and the signing of the register. This is quite unusual, but I can't let myself become defunct and let my clients down, so I went into stealth mode and photographed the ceremony without being noticed. 

The groups afterwards were a logistical challenge. After all, the church had been standing room only so this was a lot of people to organise into one place. With the help of the ushers and a well placed fence to climb, we managed to get everyone in to the whole group shot without a problem. After a couple of shots of that, the kilted grooms men were also keen to show off that they were, in fact, true Scots; and so Morgan  & Andrew will soon receive a shot with a few flashing Scotsmen in the group! Aside from that, we also saw a cat's face mask, some rubber ducks, plenty of photo bombing, and the bride getting the bumps. Great fun! 

It was also lovely to get away to Wardown Park for a quick couple's shoot with Morgan and Andrew afterwards. This was the same location as the pre-wedding shoot a few months prior, and this time the place was packed with families enjoying the sunshine. Many congratulations were offered as we walked around, and Morgan and Andrew even had a go on the swings...

Next up was the reception at Stopsley Working Men's Club. This event was so big, and everyone seemed to be having a whale of a time. There was dancing almost non-stop and in huge numbers, especially when Drums N' Roses took the stage again.
Far too much happened during the evening to possibly be able to list it here, but amongst many things; I saw what must have been all the confetti in Luton being launched at the happy couple during the first dance, the groom taking the mic for a spot of MC'ing, a lot of dancing (getting dirtier as the evening wore on!), shirts off, a lot of drinking, and much much more! 

This was all so much fun, and I was kept so busy throughout the night - everyone wanted their photo taken! It couldn't be clearer that all the guests were having a wonderful night and wouldn't forget this wedding in a hurry. It was my pleasure to be there as photographer :).