Portable Studio

I have become the proud owner of a portable studio, which is great as it means I can now offer studio quality photos without the inconvenience of making people leave their new homes (often with a new baby or children, etc.), thus extending the variety of shoots I can provide and distance I can travel. 

I've been testing it out recently with a couple of test shoots, which has enabled me to get a feel for it and find out what works and what doesn't. My overall opinion is good, with the convenience of portability and fairly easy set up a clear positive. However, having become used to shooting portraits in a static studio I've realised I still have a lot to learn when it comes to the portable world. 
I currently have 'pop up' white background (similar to a very large reflector), which includes a white/black reversible drape and train. With this also is a set of two flash guns, slaved to my 420 II Speedlite. The lights work, but I feel I could do with four rather than two as the background remains unilluminated and this results in a lot of post-production work for me! Also, I am seriously struggling with folding back the 'pop up' background after use, which takes me a few tries. 

The results of the test shoots are below, featuring both my two cats, and Bethany and Sophia, the two young children of a couple of good friends of mine (note how one of my cameras also features in a couple of shots after a toddler took it from me!)

I hope to learn more as time passes as adaptation to new equipment is a very interesting process. In the mean time, I should add I also still offer on-location portrait sessions, starting from only £150 :).