Shona & Chi's Wedding - 28th & 31st August 2014

This wedding had two ceremonies! A smaller legal one took place at Bromley Registry Office on the 28th of August, with the main day featuring a blessing ceremony at Beckenham Sports Club on the 31st. I was delighted to be invited to photograph both, so was able to capture all the parts of this happy couples big days.

The first ceremony took place in a very small room at the registry office, so I had to make sure I used my widest standard lens to get everything in but also not distort the scene. The groups outside in Bromley's very pretty grounds offered more scope for lens play. There were a smaller number of guests (compared to the bigger day on the 31st), but everyone present clearly meant a lot to Shona & Chi and all seemed very happy to be involved in such a special, and almost quite private, moment. 

The big day (on the 31st) took place almost entirely at Beckenham Sports Club, near Eden Park. They had prepared a beautiful garden area for an outside ceremony (great weather for that too!), with a lovely white room inside for the reception (very handy for a photographer like myself who enjoys bouncing light around). 
Groups took place in nearby Kelsey Park, where we found a quiet tree-covered corner by a stream to take them. Members of the public walked passed occasionally and it's always lovely to see them offer congratulations as they go by.

Highlights of the day included the beautiful ceremony, which aside from the standard (and custom) vows included a three piece live band, readings and singing by key guests. Also featured was a delicious hog roast later in the evening, a rendition of Electric Slide which near all the evening guests took part in, and not to mention an elegant and charming first dance. 

I shot this wedding working alongside a videographer named Nina, I believe from a company called Premier Video in Reigate, who was a delight to work with. Even with different mediums, working in a team is something I always find a benefit.