My Wedding Bucket List

Over the years, I have photographed many fantastic weddings, all unique in their own way and all extra special. I have been present for the most important part of couple's lives, and it is endlessly fascinating to see how they choose to express it - I've seen some crazy cakes, beautiful venues, personalised decorations, choreographed dances, and many many other things - all of which were tailored perfectly to the couple's personality.

There is still so much to see however, and so I've decided to create my very own bucket list, of things, places and themes I'd be delighted to photograph as part of a wedding. This list will be updated as I find inspiration from things I come across or when I'm able to cross something off! Here goes:

  • Wedding overseas
  • Wedding in an abandoned building
  • A pet as part of a ceremony (done! Dog ring-bearer!)
  • Double wedding
  • Steampunk Wedding
  • Wedding entirely on a boat (river or cruise!)
  • 1920's theme wedding
  • Wedding in the snow
  • Wedding in a zoo
  • Wedding featuring a bouncy castle (done!)
  • Wedding featured in a wedding magazine
  • Elvis officiating
  • Wedding at a sports stadium (done! Oval Cricket ground)
  • Wedding in a theatre or cinema
  • Festival themed wedding (done! A field somewhere near Bath!)
  • Wedding in the Scottish Highlands (bonus points for a castle!)
  • Ceremony on a beach
  • Cathedral Wedding
  • Hindu Wedding (done!)
  • Wedding in a forest
  • Goth Wedding
  • Wedding on an ice rink
  • Same sex wedding (done!)
  • Wedding in a theme park
  • Big band at a wedding reception

Specific Venues:

  • Eiffel Tower
  • London Eye
  • Disneyland
  • Selhurst Park
  • The Gherkin
  • Battersea Power Station
  • Aldwych tube station
  • The Shard

If there's anything on the list that you're planning on having at your wedding, even if it's something I've marked as done, I'd be very happy to hear from you!