Heather & Chris' Wedding - 14th February 2015

Heather and Chris' wedding took place on Valentine's Day this year, which is just perfect for obvious reasons - what better day to commit yourself to another person. Heather & Chris had booked me fairly far in advance to it was great to finally get to the day itself! 

Unfortunately I was on the tail-end of a pretty severe cold during this wedding, but regular doses of paracetamol and a steely determination got me through the day without a problem! I also worked with a videographer named Lydia, who was a pleasure to work with and I really like having someone to share ideas with.

The wedding ceremony took place at Farnham Baptist Church, where Heather and Chris, themselves devout baptists, regularly attend. Their faith had brought them together, running through both their families and it was obvious how much that meant to them all. During hymns everyone got really involved and a live band helped too! The pastor in charge of proceedings was very friendly and relaxed, happy to let me shoot from wherever in the room which is tremendously freeing and allowed me to get shots of the congregation close-up as well as simply the bride and groom - which I felt helped me capture a fuller representation of the ceremony.

After the ceremony itself, we were greeted by the sight of an enormous table of various home baked cakes in an adjoining room, lovely! These were, as you would expect, very popular indeed and it was tough to get guests away from them! I needed to shoot the groups at this point, so with the pastor's and usher's help, stood on a chair and yelled out the next names to be photographed! Due to the rain outside, the church was kind enough to let us take these indoors by the altar (though it cleared up later allowing us to grab a quick couple of shots of the bride and groom by the nearby park), and we took a fair few groups! Heather & Chris were also up for a few 'less traditional' groups, including Jazz-Hands and bridesmaids/groomsmen swapping roles!

The reception took place at the nearby Pineridge Golf club, a quite sizeable venue. Welcome drinks took place in the main bar, but a real treat awaited the guests when they set eyes on the Baronial Hall. A truly medieval style great hall was to be their surroundings for dinner and dancing, decked out in flowers and candles and a proper homage to Game of Thrones (a favourite of Heather and Chris). Dinner was a hogroast (looked delicious!), and after speeches the dancing begun with haste. It's a photographer's dream when everyone dances, and there was no stopping this lot. They were going full pelt for hours!

I thought I would struggle a bit in the great hall, as it was dark! With a high ceiling to match making bounce flash difficult. However I worked hard to find a way round that, using a diffused more direct flash, as well as syncing up two flash guns placed at strategic places around the room to provide additional illumination. Also, my 1.8 prime lens did not let me down, and was providing suitable exposures even without flash at 800iso. 

Quite happy with this set of images, and I hope Heather and Chris like them too! This was a great start to weddings in 2015 and I look forward to many more!