Lorraine & John's Wedding - 28th March 2015

The wedding season is starting to hot up now, and the 28th of March brought me to St. Lawrence's Chruch in Abotts Langley for the wedding of Lorraine & John. I was actually hired to cover the ceremony as a wedding present by a friend of the bride and groom, which is slightly unusual for me, but hey, wedding photography can make a great gift! 

This wedding was originally scheduled to take place last August, but sadly had to be postponed to March this year due to family circumstances. We had experienced a spate of bad weather on the days leading up to the ceremony, but thankfully the wind and rain held off for just long enough and the ceremony went off without a hitch.

St. Lawrence's happens to be the work place of the bride, who works in the church office, so was a very special venue for her. The interior had been decked out in a yellow Easter theme (including yellow ribbons and daffodils on each pew), which matched the bridesmaid's dresses and looked lovely overall. Also present was the church choir, and this topped off a tremendous and positive atmosphere.

The vicar in charge was a lovely man, who took a relaxed approach to photography. It is very refreshing to be have the freedom to move around during a ceremony, especially in a church where you can easily do so without getting in the way and capture the grandeur of the surroundings as part of the wedding coverage. I was also allowed to use flash, which I did for some parts of the proceedings, though being sure to keep a lid on it wherever possible to minimise disruption. 

Family was a key theme running throughout, with the children and baby grandchildren of the bride and groom present. The grand kids (all tiny babies) especially looked adorable (and slept throughout the entire ceremony!), and I just had to grab a shot of the groom holding both at once!

This day was a very happy one, and it was a pleasure to photography Lorraine and John finally tying the knot. A selection of photos from the day are displayed below.