Cathy & Aidan's Wedding - 16th April 2015

Cathy & Aidan's classy wedding took place at Southdowns Manor, a beautiful venue in the heart of the Surrey National Park. As I am seeing a lot recently, the wedding party had the run of the place once again, which is something I think adds to a wedding enormously as it gives guests a number of places to congregate depending on mood and means that a wedding has something for every guest in attendance. 

The wedding and reception ran smoothly, and some guests had flown in all the way from America! The weather was lovely too, allowing me to get some couples shots of Cathy and Aidan in perfect late-afternoon conditions. There was one minor hiccup though; shortly before the ceremony the rings both went missing! I joined a search party comprising of pretty much every guest (plus an obviously concerned groom) in the hunt for them, with guests using the last image I took of the groom holding them before they vanished to try to track them down. Unfortunately, with the ceremony now starting late, Cathy and Aiden had to go on without them, borrowing two rings from guests to continue.
Much later in the evening, however, I'm pleased to report that they turned up! Cue a second 'ring ceremony' during the reception presided over by a guest. All taken in good humour by Cathy and Aidan, which I admire.

Huge numbers of family were in attendance, as well as both Cathy & Aidan's children. Aidan's children are a little older and a bit closer to Cathy's age, so cue loads of jokes about her becoming their new step-mother, all taken well though :).

The dancing and cake-cutting took place in the same room as the ceremony, but it had since doubled in size due to the removal of a false wall, it was huge! It formed a fantastic backdrop though for the significant amount of dancing, and the party went on long into the night.

Congratulations again to Cathy & Aidan!

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