Horley Carnival

My hometown is a fairly small one, with a population of only aprox. 22,000 people. However, when it comes to the carnival they go big! 

The rain held off for just long enough this afternoon to allow me to get a few shots of the procession and fair afterwards. I got to witness and photograph an enormous variety of different floats, most of which had had much more effort than you expect from a small-town carnival put into them!  Especially liked the lorry done up like a bi-plane, complete with rotating propeller on the front (which was turning quite quickly!), and the banger racing convoy - which included an absolutely knackered old Nissan Almera that was having to be fed bottled water as it drove past just to keep going! 

The floats eventually came to a halt at Horley Recreation Ground, which itself is just round the corner from me. There was taking place a massive fun fair and market, with something to do for all the family. Also featured were performances in both a main arena and music on stage. The funfair is sticking around for a few days, so if you're in town it's well worth a visit. 

Below are some of the images I took today, shot with a simple 18-200mm Sigma lens.