Zara & Joe's Wedding - 1st August 2015

This superhero themed affair took place in Croydon, the town I grew up in, and always enjoy going back to.

I was hired to do a full day, and the package I have for that provides coverage for the bride's preparations in the morning, the ceremony and the reception, as well as an engagement shoot which we did back in March at their reception venue, the Selsdon Park Hotel. 
Preparations were a chaotic but good natured scene, which featured Zara, all her bridesmaids (including one male one) and flower girls getting ready all at once. As is often the case, nerves about timekeeping were on show but they all made it to their vintage London bus on time! I also got to ride on the bus to the ceremony, and got some shots before having to sit down for the journey.
The ceremony took place at a very large catholic church in East Croydon, and was quite a lengthy one. Fortunately, I was allowed by the Priest to be fairly mobile whilst shooting, as long as I stayed off the aisle and the sanctuary. This is always good as it allows me to capture a wedding ceremony from a number of different angles, though flash was still not allowed until the end. 

We all rode the bus back to the hotel, and this is where the party really started. Zara & Joe had chosen a DC Comics style theme, which though I admit I know little about, seemed to have been pulled off really well with all of the tables named after a different comic, as well as custom Batman shoes for Zara, Joe, the flower girls and all the grooms-men. One of the group photos also entailed the grooms-men ripping off their shirts to reveal their secret superhero identities underneath, which was unique!
The hotel was also nice enough to allow us to throw confetti indoors on their grand staircase, which produced a very different sort of shot of that kind. I had to pump the ISO right up for this one as it was at night by almost candlelight levels of illumination, but Photoshop CC's RAW handling once again really smoothed over the noise effectively. 

I was also very flattered to receive a mention in Joe's speech, as well as a lovely gift of a personalised chocolate and gift voucher! Not to mention some lovely food too! 

Below are some of my favourite shots from the wedding: