Sophie & John's Wedding Day - 15th August 2015

Sophie and John were married at Leatherhead Registry office (my number one most visited wedding ceremony location!), but I was hired to photograph the whole day.

The day began at Broadway Barns in Ripley, a collection of holiday cottages. The one which Sophie and her bridesmaids were getting ready in was just lovely with three bedrooms and a spacious living area, and nice bright walls to bounce flash light off. The atmosphere was just great as Sophie's best friends helped her and each other prepare. I was happy to be able to get a number of shots here of not just Sophie and her friends but also her family who were present (I photo I liked in particular shows her grandad asleep on a couch!).

Sophie and her father travelled in a (white) black cab to the register office, where unusually Sophie met John outside (they were due to walk down the aisle together). I took up my usual spot at the front left of the ceremony room once it was due to start, and began shooting. Leatherhead doesn't normally allow flash during the ceremony, a rule I comply with, so I normally do have to bump up the ISO to about 1600 when using my standard f3.5 lens, and 640-800 on my f1.8. Any noise is taken care of quite easily using Photoshop CC's camera raw filter. Shots outside always turn out great, as Leatherhead has a beautiful landscaped garden designed with photography in mind. 

The reception took place just around the corner in a Parish Hall. The place was decked out beautifully and not in a 'standard' way that a lot of modern weddings use. A British retro theme was on display, with bunting, cake tables and jam jar detailing evoking a sort of 1940's-1960's vibe, which the hall itself complimented completely. 
As the night wore on, I got the opportunity to photograph a lot of dancing (always a favourite thing of mine to photograph, especially when the light works in such a way that I am able to combine ambient and flash in one exposure), and it seemed like everyone was having a great time! 

Congratulations to Sophie & John, two lovely people who had a lovely wedding that it was my pleasure to photograph. I have displayed some of my favourite shots below: