Gemma & Tom's Wedding

 I love photographing in London. In fact, during my college days aged approx. 18/19 years old, I used to make regular trips up to the city from my then home of Croydon in order to just wonder around taking snaps of the architecture, experimenting with different shutter speeds at night in order to hone my skills using 35mm and 120 film. Sometimes you'd find me at Canary Wharf, sometimes wandering along the banks of the Thames at low tide, sometimes in the bustling streets of Soho indulging in a little street photography - so to be able to shoot in London again, and this time in a paid capacity, was like a dream come true for me - all thanks to Gemma & Tom's wedding! 

This wedding took place in three locations, all quite distinct from each other. The day began at the Booking Office bar for some pre-wedding drinks with the happy couple and close family (no separate bride and groom traditions here! This was to be a relaxed and informal day), placed directing inside St. Pancras railway station itself. Of course, in a location such as this, I couldn't resist grabbing a few shots of Gemma and Tom inside the famous train shed, or using the Gothic architecture of the former hotel as a backdrop. Had to be quick though sadly, or risk a telling off by security! 

Camden town hall was the venue for the ceremony itself, a quick crossing of the road in the rain! This registry office is different from most in it's sheer scale, an enormous wood-panelled place with potentially tens of marriages taking place at the same time. The informal approach was continued here with Gemma and Tom arriving into the room together and chatting with the small assembly of family and friends before proceedings got under way. 

The reception took place in The Fable, a three tiered venue both under and beside Holborn Viaduct, a short cab ride away. This literary themed bar and restaurant provided a unique and very atmospheric setting for the evening's events, helped in some part by the driving late-Autumn rain outside. Despite the weather, I loved the couple's shots we managed to get under the viaduct, and was so pleased to hear that the normally camera-shy Gemma found herself feeling quite comfortable having her photo taken! 

Below are some of my favourite shots from the day: