Alice & Mark's Wedding Day

I love shooting weddings in the centre of London. Partially down to my preference for shooting all things urban, and also down to the sheer variety of venues and vibrancy they give out. There's also something quite collective about holding such an event in the most populace city in the country, as if 10 million other people are in some way also contributing to the big day.

Alice and Mark were married in August in Holborn. The day was a truly international affair - Alice is from China and Mark from America, with the ceremony taking place at a location roughly halfway between the two - and the guest list included people from the UK, Australia, Europe and many other places. I particularly liked that due to distance this was the first time that Alice and Mark's Family had ever met.

The venue for the day's proceedings was St. Etheldreda's Church in Ely Place. The actual church upstairs was where the ceremony took place, with the evening's reception held in The Crypt below. Hidden away in a private road, St. Etheldreda's is a stunning venue providing an awesome backdrop to a marriage ceremony that I get the impression a lot of people are not aware of. 

Even though it was technically held in a church, the reception itself was not demure nor restrained, but was a lovely and very fun evening. Highlight's included Alice's father sharing a Chinese wine with the other guests (which, judging by their expressions, had quite a strong taste!), entertaining speeches, Chinese buns in lieu of a cake and extensive dancing.

I've included some of my favourite shots from the day below: