A quick visit to London

On Easter Monday, I was in London for an appointment. While I was there, I was lucky enough to find a break between the torrential rain, gale force winds and surging crowds long enough to snap a few more photos of one of my favourite buildings with my new 5Dmkiii body! 

The building in question is the National Theatre on the South Bank, one of my favourite examples of Brutalist architecture in London. It seems to me that they knew what they were doing when they designed the exterior of this place, and though it isn't to everyone's taste I have a lot of time for this style. 

I'd have liked to have also come by at night to take a few shots, but I like the way that bright sunshine contrasts with the uninterrupted concrete against the blue sky, which strangely enough is accentuated when converted to black and white.

Beside this post are a few examples of what I took. The 5Dmkiii once again performed brilliantly, combining with the 24-105 L Series lens to produce clean, clear images free from fringing and with a tonal range that I'm really pleased with. I dabbled with the HDR mode whilst shooting the terrace containing the mezzanine restaurant too, and though I found it a little fiddly holding the camera still for the three requisite shutter releases  (should have brought a tripod!) I found it did produce a satisfactory image once it had combined the three exposures, which didn't look too flat.

Only a few days to go before the first professional use of this updated equipment. I really can't wait to see how well it performs in a higher pressure setting, and I have very high hopes that I won't be disappointed!