Portrait Photography


As a working photographer, I don't just shoot weddings. I'm also very pleased to offer a portrait photography service (as well as passport photography, photo restoration and event photography services). 

A portrait can take on a great number of different forms, and I endeavour to be able to provide whichever one is most personal to you. My portrait photography sessions can be for all sorts of people; families, children, couples, professionals... even pets! (as well as all these combined if needed!), and can be shot either on location (if you can't think of one, I can always suggest) or using my portable studio, which can be set up at your home or workplace (as necessary) to provide studio-quality lighting without you having to travel! 

On location just nudges it as my favourite though, as the location chosen itself can become a character in the shoot almost, as well as providing points for the subject to interact with. I recently photographed little Harrison in Croydon. He's an aspiring child model (Instagram: harrisons_way ) and incredibly photogenic, given only the best and most interesting clothing by his mum. Nothing seems to phase him and he's always happy to be photographed - even striking poses without being asked! 
We decided on an underpass near Croydon as the location for the shoot, which sits just under the flyover and is quite the concrete jungle - this provided a backdrop that I felt was just urban enough to juxtapose with a cute kid but also compliment the city-like look of his outfits. 

I've included a few favourites from the shoot below. Hardly any editing was required! I'm also so pleased that one of these shots was later adopted by the company that makes these clothes for use on their website!

I've organised my pricing into set amounts, to ensure that there are no hidden charges. The price quoted is the final price and no further cost will be added unless requested. 

Session Fee:
First 1 hour - FREE
Extra 30 mins - £5 each
(times do not include the setting up or taking down of equipment)

8x6" - £25 each
10x8" - £30 each
16x12" - £45 each
(other sizes available on request)


Images previously ordered as prints - £15 each
New images not also ordered as prints - £28 each
(all images supplied retouched and at high resolution)

Discounts available for multiple image orders:
1-3 images - As above
3-6 images - £12 / £22
6-10 images - £10 / £20
11+ images - £8 / £18
(difference in prices above refers to images previously ordered as prints, and new images not also ordered as prints, respectively.)


Print / CD Packages:
1x 16x12" - 1x 10x8" - 2x 8x6" prints only

1x 16x12" - 2x 10x8" - 4x 8x6" - 1x CD of printed images

1x 16x12" - 4x 10x8" - 5x 8x6" - 1x CD of printed images