Misha & Rick's Wedding Day

Earlier this month, I had the great pleasure of being present to photograph a lovely wedding at Arundel Town Hall. Arundel is a very historic Sussex town with it's own prominent castle within the town centre and picture postcard views wherever you look, and provided the perfect view for a lovely ceremony. 

Misha & Rick were married in the great hall of the Town Hall, an enormous room which lets in great light from the significant bay windows lining it. Thanks to all that light and space, I found myself in no way restricted and able to shoot very freely - moving around with ease and without getting in the way of proceedings. My 5D3 made short work of minor exposure adjustments, with it's image processor really impressing me with boosting shadows when needed, but an even more significant star of the show in my eyes was the Nissin Di700A flashgun I used for a little fill-in light; it's just so simple to use with only a two button/one dial interface but all the features you have come to expect from a professional speedlite and makes me wonder if Canon's EX series really needs all that faff.

It was a beautiful ceremony, and I'm really pleased with the way the images came out; In particular, shooting as bride Misha walked in with groom Rick nervously waiting at the front. After the ceremony, we retreated out on to the adjoining roof terrace where Misha & Rick were congratulated by their guests in the brilliant sunshine. The terrace was positioned in such a way that it was also ideal for group shots, with either Arundel Castle or the rolling Sussex fields casting a perfect backdrop.


I have included some of my favourites below: