Pride in London 2016

I had a free day yesterday, and so attended the Pride in London parade as a spectator. Of course, I couldn't resist the chance to also bring along my camera as the parade has such a great carnival atmosphere and there's so much going on!

The campaign for this years Pride was #nofilter. This celebrates the spirit of Pride and makes a simple request: Live your life as you - don't filter yourself as diversity and acceptance make for a stronger society which is united not divided. 

I arrived in Whitehall a little late as the parade was just reaching that point. Sadly, this meant that due to the enormous crowds in the area I was three or four rows back from the front. It's a little frustrating shooting through small gaps between people, but I got some shots I really like. The parade itself was really fantastic, with a great number of groups (almost 300!) from the LGBT+ community represented on floats and on foot, adding up to thousands of people taking part. The Red Arrows also surprised everyone with a deafening fly past across Trafalgar Square complete with tail smoke.

The atmosphere was fun and inclusive and colourful and I really had a blast just watching it. Everyone was happy,  everyone was welcome and everyone was proud. 

I've included some of my favourite shots from the parade below: