Vicky & Charlie's Wedding Day

This was a very special wedding for me, and one I attended both as a guest and photographer!

Vicky and Charlie were married in August last year in Bromley, at the beautiful register office, with their reception taking place at The Chateau in Croydon. Unlike most clients, I've known them for over ten years as Vicky is my girlfriend's mum and Charlie her new step-dad! This might mean more pressure for a photographer, but I aimed to handle everything as professionally as possible (as with any wedding I shoot) but also take time to enjoy it too.

Charlie has always been quite cheeky and likes a joke, with Vicky slightly more sensible but no less fun-loving and they are a perfect match. I hope this came across in the images themselves, as well as focusing on two larger families coming together (Vicky and Charlie have 10 children/step-children/grandchildren between them! All of which took major roles in the ceremony itself of course).

The day itself was really good natured and a lot of fun. I particularly enjoyed photographing the evening with the younger kids really letting loose with the other guests and having a great time! The groups were a great time too, combining all sorts of arrangements.

I was lucky enough in the year to also capture an engagement shoot with these guys. Below are some of my favourite images from both that and the big day itself: