Rebecca & Darren's Wedding Day

This was a super fun wedding! Rebecca and Darren were married in Croydon (the town I grew up in) last August and their wedding was brilliant! The entire day took place at the Hallmark Hotel in the former Croydon Airport which was a fantastic modern venue that catered brilliantly for a wedding.

I actually went to school with the Bride and hadn't seen her since so this day had added interest for me. The day began emotionally with tears from her and her father when they saw each other for the first time, before quickly moving on to a beautiful ceremony full of laughs. The bride & groom's two children also played major parts in the ceremony and were present throughout at the front which I think is a lovely touch. 

The reception afterwards was something else! It's rare to see so much enthusiastic dancing and for so long, and it was obvious everyone was having a great time. All credit to the DJ (who's name I sadly didn't get), who was certainly one of the best I've seen.

I've included some of my favourite shots from the day below: